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Facts About Taxes and Public Services

Over the last 25 years TFT has grown as a primary leader in tax policy education.

Many decision-makers, regardless of affiliation, consider the factual assessments of revenue streams we provide when making important decisions about public service funding.

Below is a list of top POLICY ISSUE AREAS regarding state and national public revenue funding. Each page will be full of links to facts, videos, and other resources. (Do note: we are in the process of transferring research and fact sheets to this new site. Please contact us if you need assistance.

It's important to be informed - there are lots of misconceptions out there. Whether you are a Boot-Scootin' Boogier or a Policy Wonk - this information is for YOU: A TENNESSEAN.

When times get tough, TN government coffers lose out and services get cut - the very services needed to better attract business and improve our national rankings,

The less you make, the more you pay in percent of your income in taxes

Millions of dollars are spent in border states as Tennesseans cross state lines to avoid high food and sales taxes.

TAXES SEEM COMPLICATED, RIGHT? Especially when there are so many ways to try to raise the money needed for state and local services. Here's a booklet with a good overview of tax options for states:

The ITEP Guide to Fair State and Local Taxes, released in March of 2011, offers citizens, activists, journalists, and policymakers a detailed primer on state and local tax policy. The guide explains the differences between progressive, flat, and regressive taxes and why you should care. It covers the full range of taxes that states and localities can impose, including personal and corporate income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, excise taxes, and estate taxes. March 7th, 2011