We are realists; we know a re-structured tax system that benefits both our people and our businesses is likely to be needed someday. We know the facts. We also know we have to protect the liberty of Tennessee voters in the future.

That is why we are committed in 2013-2014 to letting the public know about a critical vote on November 4, 2014.

    It's a vote that will forever commit Tennesseans to paying High Sales Taxes,
  • It will forever commit Tennesseans to pay a tax on food.
  • It will forever commit Tennessee businesses to pick up the tab (through higher taxes) when state coffers run low.
  • We urge a NO vote on the constitutional amendment to forever ban an income tax. Maybe not now, but we sure might need it some day. Please join us in really understanding the issues and getting the word out.


TFT sounded the initial alarm to the media, to legislators and to small businesses resulting in the recent 2011 repeal of sales tax exemptions for Amazon. That alone will add $35 million to state coffers in 2014.

Additionally in 2011, TFTís work with coalition partners resulted in Gov. Haslamís restoration of $85 million in previously cut state health and social services funding.

In 2010, TFT kept the issue of public transparency for Tennessee corporate tax incentives on the public radar. Using the Freedom of Information Act, TFT obtained witheld state data on collected revenues and potential revenues/losses related to the loophole, garnering significant media coverage and legislative consideration of the issue.

In 2009, TFT was instrumental in closing the Family-Owned Non-Corporate Entities loophole that allowed some landlords and commercial property owners to avoid paying taxes. This work resulted in raising an estimated $22 millionin revenue and leveling the playing field for small businesses and start-ups.

In 2007, TFT celebrated success in achieving a .5% reduction of the state food tax, the nationís highest at the time, as part of a broader package that included increasing the state cigarette tax, the third lowest in the nation at the time - a small but significant savings families continue to enjoy today.

The TFT Mission:

Tennesseans for Fair Taxation works to create a more equitable state tax structure to ensure adequate revenues for the benefit of all Tennesseans.

TFT works through education, coalition building, and grassroots organizing with diverse groups and individuals. In other words, TFT seeks Revenue with Justice for Tennessee.

Guiding Principles:

TFT works to create a more balanced, common sense tax system that invests in Tennessee, its communities, and its people. At the core of the organization's work is a commitment to fairness, adequacy, and a common sense approach to funding state services.

We recognize the value of the public investments our tax dollars make possible. Our economic prosperity as a nation and as a state is made possible by many of these investments. Education, transportation systems, courts, public safety and many more public health and environmental investments are foundational to our well-being and economic prosperity.

    To make those fundamental investments however, we must first address the structural problems that are limiting the potential of our state;
  • Tax loopholes that allow one group to avoid paying taxes that others must pay;
  • Taxing basic necessities like food, while private school tuition, attorney fees, stocks, and real estate investments enjoy tax-free status under our sales tax;
  • A tax system that fails to keep pace with the economy, resulting in year-after-year budget shortfalls.